Belong At Beiersdorf


At Beiersdorf, we care beyond skin. We care for people — our employees, our customers, our consumers and our communities. We know that diversity of thought, backgrounds, experience and perspective enriches our culture and fosters innovation and ingenuity. We thrive when we are heard, inspired, and encouraged to speak up and against the status quo in an empowering environment. We’re simply at our best when we all show up as our authentic self, feeling respected and valued.

Most importantly, we know just having strong values is not good enough – values need to be supported with actions to have meaning. We’ve taken steps to enhance not only the culture at Beiersdorf North America, but we’ve also taken action to support the community – because we know we are all in this together.


The DEI Council was created as a leadership commitment to ensure we live up to our diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments every day. Our North America Diversity & Inclusion Council’s mission is to influence our culture and behaviors as well as our business and brands to continue enhancing and evolving our diversity & inclusion strategy.

Employee Resource Groups

Black Employee Network

The goal? It’s simple. "Create space to discuss topics that disproportionally impact the Black community. Provide a unique perspective that contributes to the broader D&I strategy at Beiersdorf North America. Embrace similarities and value differences to foster a more inclusive workplace every day." –  B.E.N. Co-Founder. “I thought if my experience and perspective can help others in the black community and other communities — if I can contribute to a more inclusive and supportive organization where people from all communities feel welcome — then I have to put myself out there.” - Monique Forrest | Director, Legal Affairs & B.E.N. Co-Founder

Asian Employee Network

The goal of the AEN is to serve as a safe space, network, and resource for employees of Asian descent to share experiences, promote cultural awareness, and provide opportunities for personal and career development. There’s a mix of people from different backgrounds who are all excited for a forum to exchange ideas, experiences, and promote the Asian culture. It’s also a great group to meet others throughout the organization.

Women at Beiersdorf

The Women's ERG provides a space for learning, growing, and committing to taking action to make improvements not only within Beiersdorf but within the community. Regardless of level, function, personal life stage, and ambitions, the ERG provides a platform to share experiences, advise, & plan actionable commitments to improve societal perceptions of women, especially in the workplace.   Who is part of the Women's ERG? - not just women! Men are encouraged to participate & are a critical part to changing perceptions of women. At Beiersdorf, we believe in lifting each other up - and this means everybody.

Mental Health Group

Everyone has mental health and we are here to talk about…yes talk about mental health. Normalizing the conversation is the first step to breaking the stigmas. The mission is to provide a community for all colleagues to share, listen & learn. Managing through challenges, recognizing someone struggling, and appropriate reactions are among topics discussed. 

Latinx Employee Network

We started the Latinx Employee Network (L.E.N.) to have a safe space within Beiersdorf where people not only from Latin countries, but also those around the world with similar cultures, can all share with each other their backgrounds and experiences. We thrive knowing that there is such a diverse community within Beiersdorf, and want to support each other as much as possible and share professional skills and personal growth.

Employee Led Groups


Advocate. Listen. Learn. Include. Educate. Support. That’s right, we created an ERG for ERGs. Our employee resource groups are taking action in the Beiersdorf community and A.L.L.I.E.S. is here to help bring the purpose of Beiersdorf to life – Care Beyond Skin. Colleagues are encouraged to attend monthly meetings where upcoming initiatives are being discussed and planned. This provides the opportunity for all colleagues to participate in and learn more about cultures other than their own, current events, and embrace being a true ally with the authentic conversations.

Working Parents

Open to everyone including prospective parents, pet parents, kid parents, grandparents, etc., the Parents Group provides a resource to help parents be able to fulfill the dual roles of parent and colleague. The group provides tools to help each person better manage their personal and professional lives. It’s important for parents to hear from other parents that they’re doing a good job. One of the objectives is to help create space. From practicing meditation techniques to sharing mindfulness and resilience resources, self-care is at the top of the ‘space’ list.

Community Partnership

We know that good intentions are not good enough so we're taking action

With proactive initiatives and responses to current events, we make sure our communities – near and far – feel the Beiersdorf care.